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Welcome World!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Mexico? Do you dream about living the good life, for less?

Let us take you around the country and show you the beach towns and the mountain towns, share stories about lifestyle, health, cost of living, buying real estate and living well. We’ll tell the stories of those who’ve fallen in love with this country and who now call Mexico home. And, if you think Mexico is a warm and wonderful place, wait till you get to know the people!

We want to hear from you – drop us a line in the comments…and welcome to GoodLife Mexico.

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Hospicio Cabañas

Mexico + Health Care, Top 5!

Big news for health care in North America. According to International Living, Mexico is in the top 5 countries for health care, in the World.

Public health care in Mexico dates back to 1791 when the first large-scale hospital in Mexico was built. Hospicio Cabanas in Guadalajara is now a Unesco protected World Heritage Site.

Fast forward to 2009. In response to Mexico’s handling of the notorious swine flu pandemic, the Director of the WHO (World Health Organization) had high praise for Mexico.

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Fideicomiso. Why You Want One.

You might know that there are restrictions on buying beachfront property in Mexico. But you may not know why this is a good thing or, what a fideicomiso actually does.

A fideicomiso is a trust. It’s a legal agreement between you as the property owner and your bank. Your bank holds your property in trust for you and your beneficiaries. Without getting deep into legal jargon, think of it this way: you keep your grandmothers pearls in a safety deposit box in your bank. The pearls belong to you but your bank holds them for safekeeping.

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Carnaval Mexico

Happiness and Mexico…What’s the Secret?

Few people from the ‘colder climes’ sit on a stretch of long white beach gazing out at the ocean and say ‘I wish all this sand was snow.’ Perhaps it’s the Vitamin D, in the form of sunshine, not pills, doing its work? Tell me if you’ve had this experience of the second day of your Mexico vacation. You all of a sudden realize that you’re walking around with that perma grin on your face…starting to remember who you are without the stress and day to day responsibility of life and work back home. Sound familiar? What is it about the culture of Mexico, its people and collective ‘energy’ that encourages happiness?

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Mexico…a wine destination??

Wine Enthusiast Magazine just named the Guadelupe Valley in Baja Mexico one of the top wine destinations of 2013. Yes, Mexico is most know for tequila but this wine route is quickly making a name for itself for great wine, wineries and local cuisine. There are over 50 wineries along the route between Ensenada and Tecate and sprinkled amongst them are street carts, hotels, guest houses (many wineries have guest rooms on site), restaurants, museums, and many unique artisanal shops.

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Make Your Move to Mexico Easier… and Happier!

Top 3 Things You Must Do When Moving to Mexico

If you’re considering a move to Mexico, or any other country for that matter, huddle in and listen up….the benefits to you could be enormous.

Here’s a story that plays out everyday. Couple goes on a holiday in the sun. They fall in love (we did) with the warmth, the people, the laid back feeling, the easy decisions you make every day….pool…or…beach? Tacos or ceviche? They remember who they are without all of the responsibilities they have back home, and want to feel more like this every day.

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Snow? In Mexico?

We were having coffee with a friend yesterday and our conversation meandered to talking about Mexico and the people we’ve met recently who are making the move to this beautiful country. Part way through the conversation, he said “as much as I love visiting, I’d never be able to live in a hot climate. My wife loves the sun, but I’m much more of a cool weather guy”

Which prompted a conversation about how varied Mexico is in it’s geography…and climates.

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Look Who’s Moving to Mexico

Did you know…the largest number of Americans outside the United States live in Mexico. According to Mexico 2010 Census, there are 738,103 Americans living in the Mexican Republic, while the US Embassy in Mexico City has at times given an estimate closer to 1 million. This doesn’t include those that go for months at a time to escape winter. 2012 had the highest number of Americans moving south of the border. People have been migrating to Mexico for a long time and typically, these people were most often retirees looking for a better, more affordable quality of life. In the past few years, this demographic is shifting and increasingly, Mexico is seeing two new groups making this country their home, entrepreneurs and families.

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Cost of Living in Mexico

Every expat we talk to says that their quality of life improved when they moved to Mexico.

Now, this could be coloured by a number of things…sun, being able to swim in the ocean ever morning, runs on the beach, or in the case of a friend, never having to wear anything on his feet but flip-flops (unless he wants to).

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Image courtesy of Mexico City Hospital

You’ve got to be kidding…house calls?!!

We have all kinds of stories about the fantastic health care in Mexico but one of our favourites is a friend who’s daughter came down with a fever just after their move to Mexico. On calling the local hospital, they were told that a doctor would be right over. The cost of the house call? The equivalent of 18 CDN dollars. Another friend went into a clinic with a bad sunburn. The cost of the doctors visit plus three different medication/topical creams? The equivalent of 10 dollars. There are also some fantastic options for insurance and our brother in law, a dentist, says there is state of the art equipment not seen in Canada. What has been your experience of health care in Mexico?